App-art App-art is guiding you through the whole proces from printed communication to digital applications like websites, Apps, with respect for the marketing and sales principles of your “brand”.

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TennecoAn automotive app is showing the fancy cars and features and colours and it can also be  used for training and maintenance purposes.

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MedicatabletMedicatblet is the portal between the pharma industry and the doctors who are receiving content and push notifications while the iPad  is on their knees.

You can be 100% sure that your messages will be read as the doctors made the commitment to read the notifications at least once a week.

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AssuraliaMost companies get rid of written, printed yearly reports; statistics, graphics, ratio’s are shown in an interactive way with comparisons to last year or other players in the market. The ideal solution for banks, insurances, investment offices, traders …

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Sylvitis TherapyA mobile access to our favourite sports, leisure, holiday resorts and other free time activities are appreciated by all users.

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Market Research

ResearchEither mystery shoppers or members of brand communities can instantly give their input to improve products and services. Conclusions of this market research can be shared with the “brand” owners on an instant base.

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Nuclear EnergyEither water-electricity, gas-companies can inform people on their way of working, their tariffs, the works in the street and their plans for the future.

In fact we all want to know how nucleair energy is produced, where our spoiled water is purified.

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JBC The virtual fitting room is a fact, people can try clothes make combinations with shoes and other accesoires, change colours and do it in the shop or from home.

They can post the pictures on social media and make publicity for your “brand”.

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City HallEach town or city will now put their information basket in an app. Tourists will download the app, before visiting;  restaurants  and shops will be eager to have their publicity on it.

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